Cut Your Energy Bill with These Simple Steps

Who doesn’t desire to save money on their energy bills? I’m certainly showing interest by raising my hand. With the ever-rising cost of living these days, of course, it’s important to take some helpful steps to doing everything possible to save some substantial money each day, and each year for that matter. It’s a smart move for everyone to try and stretch dollars with various simple steps that are included below.

  • Be aware of the electricity you may have going every night. Lights, (including night lights), computers, various appliances, televisions, ceiling fans, etc. Did you know it costs anywhere from $30 to $35 per year just to have a ceiling fan running nightly? So, if you could break that habit, it would surely save you money.
  • While on vacations, adjust your furnace or air conditioner. Doing this can save you a great deal more than you think, especially if it’s rather cold or hot during your getaway. In addition, make it a good habit to check your filters often on your heating and cooling systems.
  • Exchange out your standard, everyday light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Since these bulbs are rather expensive to replace all at once throughout your home, gradually change them out. However, the prices of the more efficient bulbs continue to decrease. Their prices have gone down substantially. They do indeed last longer, and their energy-saving potential is increasing.
  • Be mindful of the amounts of clothing you put in your washer and dryer with each load. It certainly doesn’t make sense to put in a load with just a small amount. Always be practical when doing laundry and wait until you have a good-sized load to run your washer and dryer. It’s a good idea to invest in the most energy efficient washer and dryer that you can afford. There are some mighty expensive, energy efficient machines on the market today. However, those do pay for themselves in a short time. Be practical and go with those that fit your lifestyle and that you can comfortably afford.
  • A generously insulated home will save money with both heating and cooling in the long run. With the heat of the summer, more insulation will most definitely help with keeping humidity down. In addition, sufficient insulation will help cold drafts from entering your home in the winter time.